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XOOPS 2.5.7-PL wydany - XOOPS - Wiadomo艣ci

XOOPS 2.5.7-PL wydany

Posted by mamba on 20-06-2014 (10183 reads)
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W dziale download dost臋pna jest nowa wersja XOOPS 2.5.7 wraz z polskim t艂umaczeniem.

  • Pobierz XOOPS 2.5.7 Polski (Ca艂y system)

  • Wiecej wiadomosci po angielsku w Release notes 2.5.7

  • To wydanie skupia si臋 na zgodno艣ci z PHP 5.5.x, ulepszeniu zabezpiecze艅 i poprawek. Mamy r贸wnie偶 zaktualizowane jQuery i kilka sk艂adnik贸w jQuery.

    Angelo Rocha r贸wnie偶 doda艂 now膮 fajn膮 skork臋 xBootstrap, na podstawie Bootstrap:

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    Zobacz changelog poni偶ej dla wi臋cej szczeg贸艂贸w .

    Minimalna Wersja PHP: 5.3.7

    Prosz臋 pisa膰 i om贸wi膰 wszystkie kwestie zwi膮zane z t膮 wersj膮 w tym forum

    Viva XOOPS !

    XOOPS Development Team
    16 czerwca, 2014

    Change Log for XOOPS 2.5.7 Final

    Security fixes:
    - XSS issues reported by Mehdi Dadkhah (rgriffith)
    - Fix security issues reported by Pedro Ribeiro of Agile Information Security (rgriffith)
    - Fix XSS issue reported by Manuel Garcia Cardenas (rgriffith)

    - ID: 1143 (old ID 430840) class/module.errorhandler.php (uberrookie/zyspec)
    - ID: 1225 Restore user theme choice during "Remember me" processing. (rgriffith)
    - ID: 1226 Change value of clickable due to issues centering on CaricaFoto script (rgriffith)
    - ID: 1227 Sorting bug in Profile module search (Zyspec)
    - ID: 1246 Fallback to english for admin theme language files if no language specific file exists (rgriffith)
    - ID: 1261 Fix as proposed by Irmtfan (irmtfan/rgriffith)
    - ID: 1268 reduce db load if XoopsFormSelectUser is called multiple times in a page load (rgriffith)
    - ID: 1269 Block template file will not updated after update the module (irmtfan)
    - ID: 1270 template issue in email notifications (changed X_ITEM_TILE to X_ITEM_NAME) (alain01/slider84/mamba)
    - ID: 1271 install last page no css/js (tarik/rgriffith))
    - ID: 1272 delete functions always return true (rgriffith)
    - ID: 1273 template duplicate issue (irmtfan)
    - ID: 1274 prevent multiple inclusions of a module's xoops_version.php (irmtfan/rgriffith)
    - ID: 1278 _AM_SENDMTOUSERS missed (Mowaffaq/mamba)
    - ID: 1281 initialize arrays as empty arrays rather than null (rgriffith)
    - ID: 1285 check if session exists before attempting to start a new one (wishcraft)
    - ID: 1287 assigning "static" to various class methods (wishcraft/mamba)
    - ID: 1291 xoops_getModuleOption() did not respect $dirname (rgriffith)
    - ID: 1382 add cleanup of unused avatar resources to admin maintenance page (rgriffith)

    - reversing fix for potential lack of rendering css and javascript in Installer on the last screen by culex
    - removing @ in link[@rel*=style][title] in styleswitch.js (not needed in jQuery 1.83) (SMEDrieben/Mamba)
    - added missing "`" in upgrade from 2.0.18 to 2.3.0 (mamba)
    - fixing errors in upgrade from 2.4.0 to 2.4.1 (mamba,voltan)
    - added check for menu link description in ModuleAdmin
    - fixed wrong return icon in Smarty xoModuleIcons32
    - fixed issue with jGrows in xoops.css (xoobaru/tarik)
    - fix for deprecated "preg_replace/e" function in PHP 5.5 (mamba)
    - added: check if 'date.timezone' is set in php.ini, if not, set it to UTC (cesag/mamba)
    - assigned _SHORTDATESTRING to _CAL_FORMAT to have consistency in local languages (jcweb/guspel)
    - fixed bug in calendar.js (mamba)
    - added link to Module's Admin after "Update" (currently only to XOOPS Modules section) (mamba)
    - added placeholder for a link to upload test data, if available after installation (mamba)
    - solved bug into PM module readpmsg.php (escrime-info/slider84)
    - fixed missing check on variable in userinfo.php (cesag/mamba)
    - replaced extract($_POST) in /include/comment_delete.php with filters (mamba)
    - adding some missing generic default fonts (mamba)
    - removing some unreachable statements (mamba)
    - replacing deprecated HTML tags (mamba)
    - bug in commentrenderer.php (Roby73/irmtfan)
    - added missing info about new language constants in Fast Comments (irmtfan/mamba)
    - fixed Undefined index: uid in file /modules/profile/userinfo.php line 24 (cesag/mamba)
    - set minimum PHP version to 5.3.7 (mamba)
    - added missing apostrophe corrections for Date types in CleanVars in /class/model/write.php
    - added function escape to XoopsMySQLDatabase, needed for Formulize (jegelstaff)
    - added blank.gif images to ModuleAdmin icons (timgno)
    - addedd [soundcloud] BB code as supplied by (iHackCode/rgriffith)
    - fix for cancel button in javascript (currently it still entered the text, even if canceled) (mamba)
    - added "module_status" to show with module Version (mamba)
    - patch for input validation bypass issue reported by Tatane (tatane/rgriffith)
    - change default value for usercookie config to match change in 2.6.0. (rgriffith)
    - correct method used to determine the current effective language.(rgriffith)
    - fix errors "PHP Strict standards: Redefining already defined constructor" under PHP 5.5 (rgriffith)
    - fix to correctly load the CSS file into the header in ModuleAdmin (Bleekk, Alfred)
    - added "title" to buttons in DHTML Editor (mamba)
    - updated required PHP and XOOPS versions, module versions in modules (cesag/mamba)
    - added xBootstrap theme (UI/UX Team: Angelo Rocha, Bleekk, Heyula)
    - added extra escape for "e" in YESTERDAY definition in locale.php, which was added in PHP 5.4 (madDan)
    - fixed PHP minimum version comparison in ModuleAdmin (mamba)
    - fixed System Module image manager and popup image manager save images in different directories(luciorota)
    - added PHPDoc comments for classes and functions (mamba)
    - fixed System Module image manager html/js bugs (luciorota)
    - replaced "array_diff_assoc" with "array_diff_key" in /class/theme_blocks.php (masel/mamba)
    - icons for active module sections in System module not shown correctly (Slider84/mamba)
    - added two new language definitions (see lang_diff.txt)
    - added Office 2007 MIME types (Voltan)
    - added xml MIME type (Goffy)
    - added new icons (mamba)
    - updated XoopsMediaUploader to use system memory values from php.ini, and to offer random file names (mamba/luciorota/zyspec)
    - added .tpl to XoopsList's getHtmlListAsArray (wizanda)
    - updating xBootstrap (voltan, Angelo Rocha)
    - moved all images, CSS, and JS files to /assets in modules Profile and PM (mamba)
    - renamed .html Smarty templates to .tpl in modules Profile and PM (mamba)
    - corrected English typos (cesag)
    - added missing .php file extension (AngeloRocha/Zyspec/rgriffith)
    - deprecated destoryVars($var) in object.php (cesag/rgriffith)
    - update phpmailer translation array to include all keys, and remove reassignment of $PHPMAILER_LANG as array() (cesag/rgriffith)
    - added XoopsRequest class (rgriffith)
    - removed hard-coded text from installation (mamba)


    - jQuery to 1.11.0 (mamba)
    - jQuery UI 1.10.4 (mamba)
    - jQuery Lightbox to 1.2.3 (mamba)
    - jQuery Form to 3.50.0 (mamba)
    - jQuery Tablesorter to 2.5.11 (mamba)
    - jGrowl to 1.2.14 (mamba)
    - prototype.js to 1.7.1, Aug 2012 (rgriffith)
    - HTML Purifier to 4.6.0 (mamba)
    - TinyMCE to 3.5.11 (mamba)



    - added define('_AM_SYSTEM_USAGE',"Usage");
    - added define('_AM_SYSTEM_ACTIVE',"Active");

    - added define('WRITTEN_LICENSE',"Written XOOPS %s License Key: %s");
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